Do You Want To Get Leaner AND Improve Your Riding? 

Introducing the RiderCise Rider Fat Loss Program, created to help riders BURN FAT AND Improve Your Riding

with 15min HIIT Workouts

Every Workout Has Been Personally Designed by Clare, our Founder, who works with Riders Across The World At Various Levels In Multiple Disciplines, Helping Them To 'Become The Best Rider They Can Be'.

Working with Riders across the World, one of the many questions I am asked is 'How  Do I Lose Body Fat'.


Fitness is one of my greatest passions, so much so that I have spent over 16 years in the industry helping people achieve their goals and get the body they dream of. 


As an owner and rider myself, I understand that Time and Money is VERY limited. 


People often ask me how I managed to have such a physique, look after 4 horses, run a business, a house and spend valuable time with my fiance. 


The truth is, I work hard to have the physique I do,  but I do not spend hours in the gym! I weight train and use HIIT Training to Burn Fat Fast.


With so many riders wanting to Get Leaner AND Improve their Riding, I have put together the NEW Rider Fat Loss Program to show you how simple it can be to smash your goals.

15 Minutes , 4 Workouts, 30 Days


Each workout is designed to target the muscles that riders use, get your heart pumping and the Fat Burning!


Follow the program for 30 days and you WILL get results!


You don't need any equipment, all you need is the desire to 'Be The Rider You Want To Be'.

  • 15minute horse rider workouts

    Workout in 15mins or Less!

    The workouts in the Rider Fat Loss Program are short, simple and designed to get your heart pumping, your body moving and FAT BURNING and all in under 15mins!

  • Rider Fitness On Demand

    4 Full Video Workouts

    Each workout has a full follow-along instructional video, so you know EXACTLY what to do. I am right there doing the workouts with you!  And 4 workouts per week makes this program easy to fit into a busy schedule!

  • Horse Rider Exercises

    3 Video Workout Levels

    Whatever your current fitness level, there is a HIIT Workout for you! You can gradually increase the intensity by going up a level, mixing it up or staying where you are, you're in control!

  • Burn Fat Fast

    Burn Fat Fast

    HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the best way to Burn Fat Fast!. Using HIIT is a tried, tested and trusted method that trainers use worldwide to shape their clients' bodies' to become lean and strong, FAST. This doesn't mean that the exercises are impossible! They are totally achievable and with 3 levels to choose from, there is something suitable for everyone!

  • Improve Your Riding


    I design programs for riders across the world, at various levels in all disciplines. Every exercise in the Rider Fat Loss Program has been chosen because they target the muscles that riders use in the saddle

How Do I Follow The Program?


Once you order the Rider Fat Loss Program you will be sent an email with your log in details to the RiderCise Video Subscription Platform (be sure to check your junk inbox).


You can access the workout videos on any device with an internet connection.


When your ready to get started, simply select a workout and follow along with me on the screen.


In each video I will teach you exactly how to do each exercise to keep you safe and so you get results.


You do not need any equipment for any of these workouts.


Choose Your Level: Each Workout has 3 Levels so there is something suitable for everyone.


  • Level 1: 30-seconds work / 30 seconds rest.

     Anyone can start at this level whether you are a total beginner, returning to exercise or just want to start off steady.

  • Level 2: 40-seconds work / 20 seconds rest

    A slight increase in challenge as you are working for 10seconds more than level 1. Perfect for those that love a challenge or anyone who is currently exercising

  • Level 3: 60-seconds work / 10 seconds rest

    A test of endurance. This is perfect for those that want to go for it and get maximum results quicker and ideal to step up to once you feel confident at level 2.

Choose Your Workout: There are 4 Workouts in the Program

  • Cardio Blast

    4 exercises that will get your body moving, your heart pumping and Fat Burning Fast

  • Dynamic Core

    5 exercises to improve your riding core strength, tighen your stomach and help you sit those spooks!

  • Glute Burn

    5 exercises to shape and define your bottom, strengthen your legs and help you control your leg aids with ease. 

  • Total HIIT

    5 exercises to target your legs, bottom, core and cardio all in one HIIT. 

Workout And Repeat


I like to keep it simple! Just do all 4 workouts each week for 30 days and see the results!


As you progress through the weeks, you will learn how to do each exercise, meaning you can work a little harder each time.


What makes this even better is you can just keep going past the 30days!

with 12 Months Access you can pick up, put down or continue! 


Are you Ready to Be a Leaner, Fitter Rider?

Order Today for only £59.99 - 12 months access!


Support When you Need It


When you order the Rider Fat Loss Program you can access the RiderCise Rider Support Group on Facebook where you can ask me anything 'AKA' and I will answer LIVE in the Group.


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